Setting a Benchmark in Wood Pellet Production and Supply

Pinnacle is Internationally Recognized

Customer base includes Europe, North America, & Asia

Global Acceptance

With our ever-growing knowledge on climate change and focus on reducing ones carbon footprint, biomass pellets have become a prominent option with in the renewable energy market. From their inception in the 1980’s with the sole purpose of finding a way to use recycled materials as an efficient heating source, the biomass pellet has grown today to be a highly sought-after heating source in both residential and commercial structures across the globe and as an eco-friendly absorbent product. Our high-grade pellet products have gained recognition internationally, serving clients throughout North America, Europe and Asia.

Bulk Fuel Pellets Industrial Grade

Exporting Terminals

We provide bulk industrial-grade fuel pellets for clean biomass energy to customers in Europe, North America and Asia. Individual shipments may range from 40-tonne truckloads to 100-tonne railcars to 60,000-tonne Panamax ocean vessels.

We are focused on increasing our export capacity through terminals in two B.C. locations: Vancouver and Prince Rupert. We capably service both ports by producing pellets that meet European industrial specifications at our network of inter-connected mills in the heart of B.C.’s forests. All of our mills are connected by rail to either port, which adds significantly to our suppliability.

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With easy access to arterial north-south and east-west highways, we ship by truck throughout Canada and the Western United States. Our plants are also strategically situated on or near major rail routes, offering efficient hopper car, inter-modal and boxcar transport to all other parts of North America.

We work with top logistics companies to ensure our products get to you wherever you are. For overseas customers buying in bulk, we ship by rail to the ports of Vancouver and Prince Rupert for bulk loading. By using these various routes, we offer practical and economical solutions for all your transportation needs. View Our Westview Terminal Information Handbook

Pinnacle Pellet Plant Bulk Facility - British Columbia, Canada
Pinnacle Renewable Energy Inc. Bulk Facility - British Columbia